Are you ignoring your potential customers?

Speak to your customers on Social Media

Are you ignoring your potential customers?

Comments on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter, can be difficult to keep up with or even find. If someone has taken the time to comment on one of your social media posts though, the least you can do is acknowledge it.

Picture this…

You are walking along the high street and something in a shop window catches your eye.  You pause, take a quick look at the storefront and step inside.

As you walk in you comment, ‘This is great’, ‘I like this!’  At this point you beckon through the window at your friend, she takes a look ‘Oooh I love it!’

The shopkeeper doesn’t even look up, it’s as if you don’t exist. She walks away and never comes back!

How do you feel? Would you shop here again or even buy anything in the first place? 

Facebook especially, encourages ‘the conversation’ and pushes posts to the top of the feed that get the most engagement. Every like and comment pushes your post across the internet so if you’re lucky enough to get a comment a like or someone tagging their friend in one of your posts then you must respond.  Who knows how many potential customers you could reach!

You don’t have to do this straightaway but consider responding within twenty four hours. 

  • Reply to all comments where possible but at least ‘like’ the comment as an aknowledgement.
  • Check in daily for new comments on all your feeds. Set aside time for engagement on your platforms
  • Reply to questions quickly. You don’t have to do this straightaway but if someone is after an answer it’s good customer service to get back to them as soon as possible.
  • Thank people as much as you can. ‘Thanks for the Retweet’ ‘Thanks for sharing’ ‘Thanks for your comment’ It goes a long way.
  • If your post has actively asked a question and people reply, don’t ignore them. This is everything you want from Social Media

Missing the comments?

It’s not always easy to see all the comments or get the right notifications across any platform. Check for new comments daily on your feeds. I’ve noticed that Instagram and LinkedIn are the worst for replies for some reason and with Instagram taking away the likes on your posts soon you really need to step up your conversation on Social Media.

I highly recommend using the inbox feature in your Facebook Business page – it’s easy to miss comments and if you have an instagram account linked then comments and likes will show up here also. 

Notifications in pages manager and on your app can be unreliable so always use your desktop where possible so you don’t miss anything. I work from my desktop for Facebook, LinkedIn especially as it just seems easier.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Your post clearly states what time the event you’re promoting is but someone always asks ‘What time is this please?’ Don’t be passive agressive about it, we’ve all done it, just answer the question politely and if you’re feeling brave ask a question back! You’ll be on a roll!

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