Choosing a Social Media platform for your business.

You know you need to be ‘on Social Media’ as your business but which platform should you choose? Should you be snapping, tweeting, or pinning? Are you grammable or is Facebook the way to go? Should you be on Snapchat or making silly videos on TikTok? 

You need to consider a few things before you start so here are some tips to get you started.

  • Where are your customers? What’s your key demographic and where do they hang out online? 
  • Which platforms do you use personally? Often our target clients are very similar to ourselves. Not always though.
  • Facebook is a given! Even if you don’t think Facebook is the way to go, it’s arguably the busiest social media platform in the world and most people expect to see a business page on Facebook. 
  • Don’t try to be everwhere! Stick to one platform at a time. It can be overwhelming to run several social media accounts and it’s really important to keep things simple at first. Pick one or two to start with.
  • Try and make sure your username, handle is the same across all social media. This helps when people are trying to find you.
  • When you start an account it’s sometimes useful to begin with inviting your family and friends but you must consider if they will be interested in your content. If it’s not their thing… your reach can be severely harmed.
  • What content are you planning to post? Do you have lots of pictures to share? Video? Is a group beneficial to you or is your focus networking? Look at what content is already on these platforms and see which matches your business or organisation.