Stock photos: The Good, the bad & the ugly

Should you use stock photos? Well, the quick answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is why wouldn’t you? And the long answer is, as long as you are careful.

Stock photos are a lot of fun, they can be free and they are definitely worth paying for – this all depends of course on what you are using them for. I’d like to say there is no such thing as a bad stock photo but there really are. Don’t believe me? Go to any stock photo site and type in your profession into the search bar…. see what I mean? 

However, even the bad ones can be quite funny and can definitely stop the scroll. On the upside – the good ones are soooo lovely! 

Listed below are some of my absolute favourite stock photo sites. 

Please note that most free stock photo sites may ask you to credit if you like so do try and add a link back to the original photo if you are able to. 

More often than not if you rely on stock photos for your promotions, website, social media then you will probably want to sign up to a better quality of photo such as Shutterstock they have so many good quality images and you can buy packages with lifetime use. 

Over the past few years as you probably know video is getting more and more popyla