What to post on Social Media during the current Covid-19 crisis

What to post on Social Media during the current Coronavirus crisis. It’s been a very difficult and ever-changing time and it’s hard to know exactly what to post on your social media. It’s important to stick to the facts, give updates on your personal situation with regards to your business/service/community and also to spread a little joy. 

Steer clear from scaremongering, controversial opinion posts and false ‘copy and paste’ information. 

Keep it real, keep it you and keep it kind! 

✅ Clear updates on any changes to your business. Working hours, health and safety provision, new or adapted services, details of cancelled or postponed events.
✅ Factual information on how to deal with self isolation, business information, current advice from trusted sources NHS and government websites
✅ Details of your local community support – local council, parish council, county council information.
✅ Something Positive. We all need a little escape and something to ground us. ❤️